Sports Predictions

** This is not gambling. No bets change hands. No winnings paid.**
This is merely for fun and friendly competition.

What follows are competitions where you can try your hand at guessing how entire sports seasons will result, as well as compare yourself to others who have given it a shot.


OBJECT:  To obtain the most amount of points by correctly choosing how all 26 NHL teams will finish by the end of the season as well as who will make it to the Stanley Cup and win.

CORING:  One point is awarded for each team in the correct finishing slot.  (i.e.  You pick the Western Conference - Central Division to finish, in order: Toronto, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Phoenix, Dallas and Detroit does finish fourth, you receive one point for correctly picking where Detroit would finish.)  When it comes to the Stanley Cup, two points are awarded for correctly picking a team to reach the big game.  An additional two points are awarded if a team is correctly picked to lose the Stanley Cup, with an additional five points given for correctly picking the Champion.

HOW IT WORKS: Each division has either 6 or 7 teams.  Place a '1' next to the team you expect to finish first, a '2' for second, and so on.  Complete this for each division.  At the end, you have a chance to correctly pick the Stanley Cup.  Choose one Eastern Conference team and one Western Conference

team, designating which team you believe will win.  All entries must be returned to Brittany before the first day of the season.  Entries will be entered into a score sheet on the computer and progress will be checked 4 times over the course of the season, with the season ending check plus the Stanley Cup determining the winner.  Although we do periodic checks on progress, the final check at the end of the season and the picks for the championship are the only factors in determining the victor.  Progress will be reported if you're interested.

EWARDS:  What you win is confidence, gloating rights, recognition, fun, etc.