Since the rules vary slightly from sport to sport, they are also included in the dialog when you go to make your picks.  To see if you're interested in playing, however, the basic rules follow.  I am sure you will find that they are not difficult to understand, the game is quick and easy to enter and that I am readily available to answer any questions that may come along.

OBJECT:  To obtain the most amount of points by correctly choosing how well people or teams will compete for the season.  This is an overall season contest and is not based on individual games!

CORING:  For sports involving teams, 1 point is awarded for each team correctly picked to finish with their respective ranking.  (Example Available)  2 points are awarded for teams correctly picked to make it to the final, Championship game with an additional 2 points awarded if the team is correctly picked to lose and an additional 5 points if the team is correctly picked to win.  As for tennis, 5 points will be awarded for each victor correctly picked to win the respective tournament.  The person with the most amount of points at the conclusion of the season is the winner.

OW TO PARTICIPATE: If you wish to participate, simply choose the sport(s) you want to try and fill in the entry blank.  You should read the rules for each individual sport to make sure you understand any differences. Once you have completed your picks, return them to Brittany by the respective due date (usually the day the season begins) to be considered eligible.  All entries will be entered and checked on a database and results will be available for comparison. 

EWARDS:  What you win is confidence, gloating rights, recognition, fun, an awareness of a talent you didn't know you had, etc.  This is not for money, property, valuables, or anything else that would resemble gambling or betting, and any bets made by competitors will be condemned, with those participants asked to quit or leave.

OTES:  Many of you say that you don't know about the sport so couldn't even guess - that's the fun.  We have had three out of four instances where the person who took the chance and guessed, ended up winning.  Give it a shot.  It's quick, easy, painless and can actually be quite fun.  We hope you'll play with us.

*We do this contest for the four major sports (football, hockey, basketball and baseball).  Please feel free to participate with us in one or all four.  And if there's another sport you'd like us to add, just ask (Tennis was a special request).  Please keep us informed of your interest.